ART Shirt "OWL"
ART Shirt "OWL"
ART Shirt "OWL"
ART Shirt "OWL"

ART Shirt "OWL"

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High-fashion and unique cut shirt for a perfect and very comfortable fit. Children Mini Me collection made for families that want to look amazing and do good.

We strongly recommend organic cotton for people with sensitive skin and children. Your skin will love it, less washing thanks to natural self cleaning function.

Limited collection, unisex
Size: 1-2 or 3-4 years old children
Color: sky blue/grey
Fabric: organic cotton
Printing: GOTS certified ink


Naturally colored cotton for sensitive skineasy to washsoft and durable fabric which feels pleasant on the skin. Biological pest control, organic fertilising which means social responsibility for the farmers and their families.  

Garments made from natural materials "breathe" and they absorb perspiration and release it into the air creating a natural ventilation system. They feel like a second skin. Synthetic materials are unable to do this and this is the reason why they feel hot and clammy on the skin. 


GOTS certification approves that the garment and the ink for printing are manufactured ethically and ecologically. Environmentally friendly clothing made from pure organic garments are the basis of your wellbeing.
Confezioni Iris, a family-owned tailor factory near Milano, has produced our ART Shirts with a lot of love. You can watch our videos of the different production steps and follow us on our Instagram or FB account

We have also a fully transparent pricing and with buying our products you donate CHF 1.- per sold item into our foundation fund.


GOTS certified t-shirt