About Us


Our Label

LUMIC stands for an individual, high quality and sustainable choice of life.

Our first encounter was at a birthday party and we soon noticed we shared the same passion for design, fashion and style. After a drawing up a few sketches, we knew the path to realize our vision and accomplish our dreams would become a joint venture. 

The goal is to create an elegant, straightforward and fresh line ideal for every person. LUMIC is a statement for success, comfort, freedom and mastery of your daily tasks. At events or during more leisurely activities, be prepared for positive looks and compliments.

A joint project needs a solid connection and that is how our Swiss fashion label LUMIC was created. We have chosen the initials of our first names to form our logo. LUMIC values individuality and our limited collections are only made from handpicked, classy and environmentally friendly fabrics.

Our label is assessed at each step for quality, sustainability and social responsibility – from the initial production at a family-owned tailor factory near Milano in Italy until it makes its way to our exclusive online shop.


Our Mission

We are truly believers of slow and fair fashion and actively support Fashionrevolution.org. This is also the reason why we have a fully transparent business model. Our mission is to raise awareness and motivate business leaders, retailers, producers and fashion lovers to invest in safe, clean and fair clothing

With your support we aim to achieve the ultimate goal to create our own foundation to help fashion workers and their families in developing countries around the world. Because of that CHF 1.- per sold item is destined for our own specific purpose fund - THANK U for your trust in us by buying LUMIC!